Gram tax signed cooperation agreement with LVS in Lithuania

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On 29 July 2019, the Lithuanian Carriers' Union LVS, represented by its General Secretary, Sigitas Žilis, and French company Gram Tax and Petroleum, SASU, represented by Mrs Gintare Ambre Brunet, Director, signed a cooperation agreement.
After the signing of the contract, Sigitas Žilius' comment was brief, but veryimportant and significant: "Today, LVS is a historic day that represents a major economic breakthrough for carriers in the field of our work. I'll tell you another thing, which was a constant headache for carriers! Mrs Brunet and her company will represent our members In France, Belgium and Luxembourg. They will greatly reduce the burden on carriers in this country, including Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. For various reasons, the mountain of the difficulties encountered by the carriers are greater than the mountains of the Pyrenees, it is much easier to cross them on foot, than to cross with trucks following the bureaucratic barriers. I have no doubt that Gram Tax and Petroleum, which has become a partner of LVS, will not only lighten the administrative burden on carriers, but will also save the thousands of euros that Lithuanian carriers have "kindly" given to the French Treasury.

Interview with Dr. Gintare BRUNET on the occasion of the signing of the contract:
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