Change of name of fuel at the pump: FRANCE

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Gasoline-based fuels will be characterized by an E in a circle (followed by a figure corresponding to the maximum permitted level of ethanol-type biofuel):

  1. the SP95 and the SP98 will be the E5;
  2. the SP95-E10, the E10;
  3. superethanol, E85.


For diesel, the letter used will be the B in a square followed by a number indicating the maximum permitted level of biofuels produced from vegetable or animal oils:

  1. standard diesel will be named B7;
  2. the new diesel fuel containing up to 10% biofuels will be called B10.


Gaseous fuels

The gaseous fuels will be characterized by a geometric shape corresponding to a rhombus inside which letters will specify the precise type of fuel:

  1. CNG (compressed natural gas) will be the CNG;
  2. LNG (liquefied natural gas) will become the LNG;
  3. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas fuel), LPG.

To note :

In France, these new names will be accompanied by additional labeling indicating:

  1. the common name of the fuel (gasoline SP95 for example);
  2. fuel characteristics (percentage of biofuels);
  3. the compatibility of this fuel with vehicles

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